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Women in Leadership

Our Women in Leadership event is a semi-annual gathering of women serving as program leaders, deans, development directors and similar positions — a unique forum to network for mutual encouragement and support.

The gatherings are intergenerational, so women of all ages can learn from each other’s experience and wisdom. Invited guests network and collaborate, hear from a guest speaker, and have time for group interaction. They are offered a unique opportunity to explore key issues vital to their work and lifestyle.

For more information, email the Trust or call 360-694-8415.

The next Women in Leadership conference is May 30-31, 2018: Bringing Your Full Self to Leadership
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How do we navigate leadership as women?

How do we integrate and bring all of who we are?

How do we invest in and develop ourselves as leaders?

About the Speaker

Nikki Toyama-Szeto

Nikki Toyama-Szeto works with leaders of faith communities to help ignite a passion for biblical justice among the Global Church.  Nikki currently serves as the executive director for ESA (Evangelicals for Social Action), an organization at the crossroads of faith and justice issues.  She writes, trains, and speaks from her experiences as a woman, as a Japanese American, and as a leader with past experiences in organizations like International Justice Mission, the Urbana Conference and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

She served on the Third Lausanne Congress (2010), helping to develop the plenary program.  She was recently featured on the cover of Outreach Magazine’s Leadership Issue (Sept/Oct 2017).

Serving also on the board of Interserve USA, Missio Alliance and Casa Chiralagua, she has written articles on gender issues and multi-ethnicity for various magazines.

Also an author of several books, she is the co-editor of the book More than Serving Tea (IVP, 2006), a collection of essays, stories and poems looking at the intersection of race, gender, and faith.

Nikki was also recently featured in an article in Outreach Magazine.


October 9-10, 2018 and April 15-17, 2019: Women in Leadership: Embodied Presence

Intentional awareness of the strategic connections between one’s physical body, inner spiritual life, and professional calling can result in effective communication and purposeful influence for women in leadership. Dr. MaryKate Morse and Jacqui Bland will teach from the Scriptures and their rich experiences, and guide sessions to help unpack and practice embodied presence.

Dr. MaryKate Morse
MaryKate, Professor of Leadership and Spiritual Formation, teaches at Portland Seminary of George Fox University. She has served in various administrative roles including University Director of Strategic Planning. She is a church planter, spiritual director, leadership mentor and coach, speaker, blogger and author including Making Room for Leadership: Power, Space, and Influence and A Guidebook to Prayer.

Dr. Jacqui Bland
Jacqui has served in full time ministry for 35 years in a variety of leadership roles as a speaker, teacher, and trainer of leaders, currently serving as CEO of a non-profit ministry “Hope of Glory Ministry”.  Receiving her doctoral degree in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Portland Seminary, her mission statement is, “Mobilizing God’s people with God’s word to do God’s work effectively!

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April 2017 Conference | Prophets, Priests & Kings

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