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Program & Staff Grants

Expanding programs and adding staff are important markers of nonprofit success. Murdock Trust grants help fund both new programs and the expansion of existing programs, and may be used to cover start-up costs and/or related staff member additions. Typically, we fund program and staff grants on a declining basis over three years (100/67/33%). Staff hires or programs initiated before Trustee action will not be eligible for funding.

Before applying, we suggest that interested nonprofits review the Guidelines for Grantseekers to learn more and determine your organization’s eligibility. To apply for a program and staff grant, please review and follow our grant application process.

Steps in the Grant Application Process:

  1. Submit a Letter of Inquiry to the Trust.
  2. Receive your application letter and password from the Trust.
  3. Log in to the Grant Application System.
  4. Thoroughly read the General Application Instructions.
  5. Complete the application form and submit it online with all required attachments.

Begin the Application Process with a Letter of Inquiry
A clearly written Letter of Inquiry will save you time and help the Trust understand how well your proposed project may fit with our funding priorities. Learn more about writing a clear, concise

Completing the Application Process
If your proposed project appears to be eligible for Trust consideration, we will write you back and encourage an application. The password we include will give you access to the Grant Application System, where you’ll complete the grant application form and submit it online with the required attachments.

There are no application submission deadlines, but please note that due to the volume of applications we receive, it normally takes six to nine months to process, evaluate and take final action on each request.

Application Planning Resources
An array of tips and sample documents to help you fill our your grant application.