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The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust celebrates Roger Griffioen and Chuck Smith during the 2014 Partners in Science National conference in January.
Roger Griffioen retires from his role as program administrative consultant on the Partners in Science team. The Trust is thankful for the wise and personal touch that Roger gave to the administration of each Partners grant, his help organizing the workshops for the national conference, and his help in running both the regional and national conferences. Roger also helped recruit the Van Andel Education Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to participate in the national program. The Murdock staff has benefited from his warm smile, good sense of humor, positive outlook, cooperative spirit, and willingness to help in all situations. His background as a college physics professor and research scientist, along with past experience helping administer the Partners in Science program for the Research Corporation from the beginning, equipped him for his role with the Murdock Trust. In the Pacific Northwest alone, Roger’s work serving over 465 teachers, 309 mentors, and thousands of students over the past 20 years will forever leave its impact on the improvement of science education and general enthusiasm for students’ pursuit of science.

Chuck Smith retires from his circuit rider role on the Partners in Science team. After serving the Partners in Science program for 20 years, Chuck’s hard work has impacted the program and its participants in countless ways. Chuck spent his time over the years racing around the Pacific Northwest to provide an orientation for new partners and visit every teacher in his or her research lab, providing encouragement and ensuring that they all had the best experience possible. He has also been the “head cheerleader” for the program and has recruited many teachers and scientists to participate. His involvement over the years has played a strategic role in the continuous improvement and success of the Partners in Science program, and for that, 465 teachers and 309 mentors are forever grateful, and thousands of students in the past, present, and future are the ultimate beneficiaries.
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