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At the recent Murdock College Science Research Conference, the creation of two new scientific awards was announced. Named in honor of Lynwood W. Swanson, PhD, recently retired Trustee, civic leader, and co-founder of FEI, a world leader in electron optics and focused ion beam technologies in scanning and transmission electron microscopies. The two awards include:

  • The Lynwood W. Swanson Scientific Research Award, which honors a professor whose work has gained national recognition and demonstrated leadership in engaging undergraduate students and promoting research at their institution. The award was given to Dr. Mary Alberg, professor of physics, and Arline Bannan, chair of mathematics and natural sciences at Seattle University.
  • The Lynwood W. Swanson Promise for Scientific Research Award, which honors an emerging professor with less than ten years experience, was given to Dr. Sarah Schaack, associate professor of biology at Reed College.

In addition 52 grants totaling more than $13.1 million were awarded at our recent grants meeting, including:

For a complete listing of these grants, click here. We are honored to partner with these groups and many more like them in working for the common good.
Recently our friend and colleague Jim White of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon thoughtfully reminded us that “nonprofits are where neighbors can gather to improve lives and strengthen communities . . . and are as varied as the make-up of our communities. They provide services that empower, salve that heals, music that enlivens, art that beautifies, conscience that protects . . . [and help us] rediscover what binds us together “
In times when relationships become strained, I am reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s admonition: “To return hate for hate does nothing but intensify the existence of evil in the universe. Someone must have sense enough . . . to cut off the chain of hate and evil, and this can only be done through love.”
Humans flourishing and communities thriving will move forward most deliberately as we seek to work together in spite of differences to address the challenges, inequalities, and problems that stand before us.
On behalf of those of us at the Murdock Trust, we will continue to seek to partner with those working for the common good.
Steven G.W. Moore
Executive Director

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