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Cabinet Peaks Medical Center in Libby, Montana, a Trust grantee, recently acquired a brand new 64-slice GE Recolution-evo CT Scanner.  Article by Sydney Williams of The Western News.
Cabinet Peaks Medical Center is proud to announce the recent purchase of a brand new 64-slice GE Revolution-evo CT Scanner, which was made possible in part by grants awarded to the hospital from M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust and The United States Department of Agriculture.
According to Frank Lucas, Manager of Imaging at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center the new scanner’s technology increases patient comfort, improves patient safety, provides greater image clarity for physicians, and expands diagnostic capabilities at CPMC.“Our new CT scans our patients much quicker, and is much superior to the old, 16-slice CT,” he stated. “Additionally, physicians will have excellent image detail to better evaluate their patients.”
With a new machine comes software called ASiR (adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction) technology which enhances patient safety through reduction of radiation exposure up to 65 percent; this is especially helpful for patients who may require multiple radiation exposures over a long period of time or for children whose immature tissues can be more sensitive to radiation. In addition, the new 64-slice is dramatically faster than the 16 slice and only requires a minimal breath hold; which will greatly increase comfort and reduce stress for patients.
As a longtime CPMC employee and Imaging professional of 13 years, Lucas says, “This is an excellent user friendly machine which will give our physicians quality images and our patients more comfort at a considerable lower radiation dose.”
CPMC does all they can to stay abreast of the current technological advances, and is thrilled that patients will no longer have to travel to Kalispell or elsewhere if a 64-slice unit is preferred to perform their scan.
“In the past, oncology physicians preferred their patients to be seen at a facility that has a 64-slice CT machine,” Lucas explained. “Now we offer that service in Libby. We are doing all we can to keep great healthcare right here at home for the benefit of our patients,” said Lucas.

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