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Ruby Valley Hospital
RVH Foundation’s board of directors breaks ground on the new facility

Ruby Valley Hospital (RVH) in Sheridan, Montana, started construction on its new 28,000-square-foot facility this week. RVH was awarded a Trust grant last summer for a radiography system to be housed in the new hospital.
The current ten-bed hospital was constructed in 1964 to provide acute care for inpatients, and the new facility will allow RVH to provide better care in an out-patient setting with access to technological advancements in radiology like ultrasound and CT scans.
The new hospital will be designated as a Level 5 Trauma hospital and will have a new CT unit, provide additional space for visiting specialists, allow RVH to use Electronic Health Records, and provide psychiatric telemedicine for patients requiring evaluation and counseling.
To find out more about the project, visit RVH’s website: www.rubyvalleyhospital.com/new-hospital-information

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