M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

We believe in working toward the flourishing of all people, with particular attention to those who are the most vulnerable in our society. The Murdock Trust is proud to partner with organizations that serve those experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, mental health, foster care, addiction, and disability, and helping them flourish.

Vine Maple Place

Providing direct support services to single parents and their children in Maple Place, Washington, Vine Maple Place believes that breaking the cycle of homelessness starts with the right tools, a supportive network, and personal investment. The Family Hope Center, supported by a Trust grant, has allowed Vine Maple Place to serve more families and expand its programming to include mentoring, counseling, employment training, and parenting skills classes.

Birch Community Services

Birch fosters self-sufficiency in families who are struggling financially in Portland, Oregon. Families pay a low fee and volunteer regularly for access to Birch’s warehouse, where they can “shop” for food, clothing, and household goods, and they attend financial management, computer skills, and career advancement classes. The Trust-funded operations manager oversees these services and programs, which are accessed by hundreds of people each week.

Legacy Health Foundation

The Unity Center for Behavioral Health is a city-wide joint venture project spearheaded by Legacy and is a new model of care for emergent, residential, and community-based mental and behavioral health services in Portland, Oregon. Hospitals in the Portland area have insufficient capacity for acute inpatient mental and behavioral health care, and the Trust-funded Unity Center addresses this critical need in the community, providing a safe place for people to receive treatment and care.

Olive Crest

Olive Crest

With locations along the West Coast, Olive Crest is a national child placement agency that supports children in foster care by supporting foster homes, securing foster placement, and providing counseling, parent education, training and certification of foster families, and programs that prevent and treat child abuse. The Trust supported the renovation of a new facility in Bellevue, Washington, to allow Olive Crest to provide these life-changing services.

New Earth Recovery

New Earth offers safe, high-accountability, and substance-free housing for individuals who want to maintain their sobriety and find healing from the wounds that have contributed to their cycles of addiction. With both a men’s and a women’s house for resident recovery, the Trust supported the purchase and renovation of a new men’s facility to provide accommodation for eight full-time residents.

Northwest Association for Blind Athletes

NWABA provides life-changing opportunities through sports to individuals in the Pacific Northwest who are blind or visually impaired. People of all ages participate in the 12 athletic programs, building self-esteem, independence, and community. The Trust funded a development director to help NWABA establish a development program, allowing it to grow, expand its programming, and serve more people.

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