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by Steve Moore • June 2017

We are always thinking with community partners in the Northwest about the best ways to honor and recognize those who go above and beyond in serving our communities, state, region and beyond. Volunteerism, service and civic engagement are key building blocks to healthy communities. In addition, public service is an important part of helping communities flourish.

It was brought to my attention that this year’s “Finest for the Sammies” awards were recently named in Washington, D.C. The Sammies are the Samuel J. Heyman “Service to American Medals” presented to federal employees with remarkable, noteworthy service. Interestingly, at least one of the finalists is from the Northwest—Joshua Van Eaton from the Justice Department, who led the case against Volkswagen’s violation of clean air standards. Van Eaton and his wife Kathryn, an award-winning artistic director, are graduates of Seattle Pacific University and originally from Washington and Oregon, respectively. The Sammies are designed to celebrate our nation’s civil servants and their contributions to helping our country work for all people. These awards are a great reminder in the challenging time in which we live of the thousands who serve each day to make our country work well and who do so in faithful and steady ways.

Way to go to the Partnership for Public Service for giving a shout out to these and others! And thanks to all the great colleges and universities of the Northwest that are sending forth the next generation of leaders to serve and lead.

Steven G.W. Moore, is the executive director at the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

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