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SonBridge Community Center
Photo credit: SonBridge Community Center

The Trust made a grant to SonBridge Community Center for the construction and remodel of their health and education center, which is now well underway. SonBridge provides services and resources to the community in Walla Walla Valley including “medical care, dental care, life coaching and counseling, education, referrals to social services, and also runs a large Thrift & Gift Store helping fund the facility’s programs and operations.”

Read the full article in the Union-Bulletin:

“SonBridge’s efforts are diverse and numerous. The building holds a dental clinic, open since 2014, the SOS Health Services medical clinic, classes, lifestyle seminars, family assistance and the Education Center for Better Living…

The building is still in the middle of a remodel, but it should be ready by the time the center’s new array of classes get started in September.”

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