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“What if there were a shoe that could grow?”

It sounds like a very simple idea, but for children and families living in poverty this concept can be a life-changing concept. As young people rapidly grow out of their shoes, an adaptable piece of footwear can help keep a child safe and comfortable for years.

Amazingly, this idea has become a reality and is now making a big difference by helping thousands of children across the world.

Because International was started in 2009 with the purpose of listening to those living in extreme poverty to hear their thoughts and ideas for how to make their daily lives better, and then help turn those ideas into a reality.

The Shoe That Grows is their first project. Complete and in distribution today, the footwear design came about after seeing a girl walking on the street in shoes way too small for her feet. It’s a shoe that can adjust and expand 5 sizes and last up to 5 years. So far, The Shoe That Grows has helped thousands of children in 20 different countries have long-lasting shoes that protect their feet.

This year the Murdock Trust awarded a grant of $117,000 to Because International to hire new development and business development staff to be able to add capacity and sustain their mission.

We are excited to see the impact Because will have as they continue to listen to and develop products that will help those living in extreme poverty around the world.

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