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Transforming the Classroom

Real world experiences help bring educational lessons to life. We often think about this in terms of students and how they absorb knowledge, but it also applies to teachers. Conducting real world, hand’s on research can provide unique insight into subject matter and interesting examples that can help bring a lesson to life in inspiring […]
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Recreation, Education and Conservation: A Zoo’s Purpose

Zoos are more than a place for children to learn about and be exposed to animals they might not otherwise encounter. For many zoos, promoting conservation on behalf of wildlife is a key reason for their existence. Here are four zoos the Murdock Trust is proud to support in their missions to help endangered animals […]
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Grants in Action: What Makes a Thriving Community

Ensuring all individuals and communities in our region can flourish and thrive is central to the mission of the Murdock Trust. We recently talked with local leaders about this topic, and they shared their ideas for how we can work together for the thriving of our communities and our region. The Pacific Northwest is teeming […]
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Shining Light on the Challenges and Opportunities in Rural Healthcare

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Providing affordable access to quality healthcare remains a challenge that our country must address from a national perspective as well as a local one. While this is prevalent in even the most well-developed urban areas, rural communities struggle with a collection of additional, unique challenges when it comes to providing and receiving care. Data shows […]
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Light Breaking Through

The new year always brings a joyous energy of opportunity as we turn the page to open an untouched calendar, set forth on a fresh plan of action and draft goals for serving and working in the days ahead. This spirit of momentum and enthusiasm is also buoyed by the world outside our windows where, […]
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Grants in Action: Preserving Vital Lands of the Pacific Northwest

Conserved land is vital to the health and safety of our communities, not only now, but for future generations. The land around us provides water, food, clean air and beautiful recreational spaces, and when land is well-managed, it provides protection from natural disasters and helps keep climate change in check. The Murdock Trust has partnered […]
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