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Uplifting Community: The Promise of the Nonprofit Sector

We often note that the work of the Murdock Trust is driven fully by the nonprofits we serve. We believe that the needs of the Native community of Alaska are different from the needs of the Latino community of Oregon, different from the needs of the urban community of Seattle and different from the needs […]
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Impacting Family: The Promise of the Nonprofit Sector

Cities and communities thrive when the human ecosystem that binds us is nurtured. There is no element more important to that human ecosystem than the bonds produced through loving relationships within a family. The bonds of family can help heal pain, provide nurturing and empowerment, motivate and inspire. Throughout our region, countless nonprofits work to […]
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Empowering Individuals: The Promise of the Nonprofit Sector

When individuals are stronger, the groups around them are stronger. When individuals have the opportunity to thrive, communities flourish. We believe the promise of the nonprofit sector is its ability to change lives for the better, and we see this take place every day through our grantees and the myriad nonprofits across our region. Every […]
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Changing Lives: The Promise of the Nonprofit Sector

We often talk about the promise of the nonprofit sector and its ability to serve the common good by providing opportunities for every individual, family and community to flourish and thrive. While it is easy to think about the nonprofit sector in broad, abstract terms, the real impact of the millions of individuals who work […]
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The Changing Health of the Pacific Northwest

By Dr. Kent Thornburg, Senior Fellow Many people are under the impression that the health of Americans is improving.   This impression is based on factual reports in the media. For example, the life expectancy at birth increased linearly from 50 years in 1900 to 80 years in 2010.  Deaths from heart disease have decreased by […]
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Grants in Action: Serving Children in Crisis in Oregon

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Children are among the most vulnerable people in our society. And, sadly, children may find themselves in crisis at some point in their young lives, whether it be due to family environment, mental health, the loss of a loved one or other trauma. In Oregon, the child welfare system has become overburdened, putting already vulnerable […]
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