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We often talk about the “nonprofit ecosystem.” When organizations collaborate with one another and grow upon each other’s strengths, it creates opportunities for all individuals, families and communities to flourish and thrive. This is an area where the business sector plays a critical role in a variety of ways. While many of these areas are immediately apparent, such as providing wages and healthcare to employees and goods and services for customers, businesses can also play a vital role in the long-term health and stability of a community through their investment in the nonprofit sector.

In a recent piece for the Portland Business Journal, Murdock Trust executive director, Steve Moore, notes that “a collective, ongoing investment by businesses into the nonprofit sector will pay significant dividends over the long-term by producing talented workers with a connection to the region and a robust community eager to conduct business.”

Check out Steve’s full piece for examples of how nonprofits are helping to drive economic prosperity in communities around our region and how business investment can help continue this growth for generations to come.

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