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Great communities grow from the hard work and commitment of dedicated nonprofits that identify pressing needs and create tangible solutions. Garden City Harvest in Missoula, Montana is tackling a variety of issues – from hunger and nutrition education to job training and support of at-risk youth – through an innovative, community-minded program.

Established in 1996, Garden City Harvest builds community, providing nutritious food to low-income community members and serving the broader community through education and training in ecologically conscious agriculture. Through their network of programs, they have provided nutritious food to hundreds of local community members while thousands of local children participate in hands on learning in the organization’s gardens. Starting small with a community garden and the beginnings of a student farm – what would become the PEAS Farm – Garden City Harvest now generates 178,000 pounds of healthy produce through neighborhood farms. 

In 2017, the Murdock Trust was fortunate to be able to play a small role in Garden City Harvest’s growing work with a $250,000 grant to help the nonprofit construct three permanent buildings on the organization’s River Road Farm. The new buildings served a variety of purposes, including an education and community space, an administrative/office space and equipment storage.

The Trust is grateful to support nonprofits like Garden City Harvest that take an innovative, community-focused approach to challenges so that every individual and family has an opportunity to flourish and thrive.

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