M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Garten Services, located in Salem, Oregon, was founded in 1970 by Sallie Gearhart to serve children with disabilities and their families who, at that time, did not have access to public education. In 1975 education became a right for all children, regardless of needs. At that time, Garten began to focus on adults with disabilities to create social and employment opportunities so that when children with special needs completed their education, there would be a place for them to work, socialize and recreate. Over time, Garten has developed employment services in custodial, landscaping, commercial laundry, printing and mail services and, most significantly, recycling.

The Murdock Trust has made multiple grants to Garten Services over the years for equipment and facility upgrades, making their work environments more efficient and comfortable for employees, totaling more than $450,000. These investments in modern machinery neatly blend automation and human labor, which will ultimately provide better paying jobs to Garten’s employees.

We are proud to partner in Garten’s mission to support and empower people with disabilities as they contribute to their communities.

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