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Updated: March 30, 2020

Communities across the Pacific Northwest, the country and the world are working tirelessly to address the rapidly evolving needs associated with the spread of COVID-19. On this page, we have collected resources that we believe will be of help to nonprofits and those who support the nonprofit sector, including funding opportunities for nonprofits, notable developments around our region and useful resources for nonprofits as they adapt to serve the common good against this new backdrop. We will also use this page to provide updates on how the Murdock Trust is responding to needs that arise from this pandemic directly.

We are incredibly grateful for the selfless efforts of the individuals and organizations helping serve the needs associated with this virus that arise within their communities.

  • Our frontline healthcare professionals caring for ill patients.
  • Our educators providing free learning materials to families.
  • Our schools helping ensure that breakfast and lunch programs continue while classrooms remain shuttered.
  • Our shelters and community centers providing resources to homeless individuals.

The spirit of service is strong throughout our region, and we continue to be awed and inspired by the commitment to support every individual and family.

What the Murdock Trust is doing

We are also keenly aware that this crisis has created and will continue to create evolving needs for support in the nonprofit community. In line with our mission to serve and uplift all communities across the Pacific Northwest, the Murdock Trust, in conversation with leaders across our region, is currently preparing and prioritizing appropriate measures we can take to help support those in need, including financial investment, coaching and mentorship support and other capacity building resources.

  • We are working with community foundations across the region to identify potential opportunities to contribute financially to pooled funds for support to local communities across the Pacific Northwest.
  • We are particularly focused on efforts that support the most vulnerable individuals and families in our community, such as healthcare providers on the front lines, food banks and community groups.
  • In addition, we continue to work directly with our current grantees to ensure that they have the support and flexibility they need to successfully complete new and existing Murdock-funded projects.

As this situation develops and new needs emerge in the coming weeks and months, we will continue to build out this list and provide regular updates. If you have a resource that you would like help amplifying to our community during this time, please send it directly to Colby Reade – colbyr@murdocktrust.org.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to all who are working to serve the common good during this unprecedented moment in our history.

Funding opportunities

  • Managed by the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington, the SW Washington COVID Response Fund will provide flexible financial support to trusted nonprofit partners across our region who are responding to increasing needs as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • The Oregon Community Recovery Fund from the Oregon Community Foundation will rapidly deploy resources to community-based organizations at the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak.
  • A coalition of philanthropy, government and business partners has joined together through the Seattle Foundation to create a COVID-19 Response Fund that will rapidly deploy resources to community-based organizations at the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak in the Puget Sound region.
  • The Idaho Community Foundation, United Way of Idaho and Idaho Nonprofit Center have partnered to create the COVID-19 Response Fund for Idaho, a charitable fund that will provide philanthropic support to trusted organizations that serve low-income, vulnerable people and families.
  • In response to the crisis, Greater Gallatin United Way and Bozeman Area Community Foundation have launched a community response fund to address the pressing needs of individuals and the organizations serving them in Southwest Montana
  • The Alaska COVID-19 Response Fund at the Alaska Community Foundation will support nonprofits that provide critical services to communities and individuals throughout Alaska whose lives have been devastatingly impacted by recent events.
  • GivingCompass and the Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative are providing regularly updated lists of coronavirus response funds nationwide.
  • Local philanthropic, government and business partners have joined together to create two COVID-19 Response Funds that will rapidly deploy resources to community-based organizations at the front lines of the region’s coronavirus outbreak in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. 

Nonprofit resources

What’s happening in Alaska

What’s happening in Idaho

  • Garden City’s Riverside Hotel has opened up rooms to house homeless and medically vulnerable residents.

What’s happening in Montana

What’s happening in Oregon

  • Murdock Trust grantee Capella Romana has provided live music via livestreaming while large gatherings are prohibited.
  • In an amazing demonstration of collaboration, public, private and nonprofit partners joined together to convert the Oregon Convention Center into a shelter for homeless individuals.
  • Murdock Trust grantee, Every Child, has launched a special initiative, My NeighbOR, to provide support to foster children and families.

What’s happening in Washington

  • In addition to their sizeable investments in the local community’s battle against COVID-19, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has launched a Therapeutic Accelerator to coordinate research and development of coronavirus treatments.
  • A Partners in Science teacher is turning to YouTube to educate and connect with his students.
  • Medical Teams International is retrofitting mobile dental vans to provide COVID-19 testing and field support.
  • Researchers at PATH have helped build a digital tracking system for COVID-19 test results.

Some good news

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