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We are in just the first few days of a promising new year. These early hours of 2021 feel like we have finally been able to set down the worn, dog-eared, coffee-stained journal of 2020, a volume covered in scribbles and cross outs, whose pages are falling out and ripped, and pick up a pen to write the first few letters on a fresh page in a brand new notebook.

As we look with hope and optimism toward the promise of this year and work to put the challenges and difficulties of the last twelve months behind us, we turn to the wisdom of great leaders who have helped others flourish through trying times. One of these voices is the great Jerry Panas. The founder of Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners, one of the nation’s leading firms supporting nonprofit fundraising, Jerry helped literally thousands of nonprofits adapt through challenges to grow and thrive in their service to the needs of their community.

We sadly lost Jerry in 2018. However, his firm shares these words which we believe are ever more valuable today as we seek to turn the corner from the darkness of 2020 into the light of a new year:

In this new year, may your blessings overflow and be unceasing. Each day filled with robust health to make life and work a joy. Faith abundant to pass on to others. Wealth enough to support your needs and those in need. Determination to make each day better than the day before. Boundless happiness to share with others. Strength and spirit unbridled to overcome all obstacles. Unremitting optimism to vanish all doubts. Grace to overcome and forgive any transgressions. Patience to remain calm while the untamed world races by. Love enough to conquer all.

A caring outstretched hand, especially to young people. To know that in the central place of every heart must be respect for the earth and peace for the people and delight in the good, forgiveness for past wrongs and passion for new beginnings.

And above all, abiding thanks each day for all our gains, miracle after miracle. To know that our final victories come from hope and faith and love. The greatest of these is love … because it is the wellspring for all else. So that you unleash the power within you and touch the lives of others in endless and wondrous ways. Make every day of this new year a hallowed day of overbrimming thanks and joy and caring.

Well said, Jerry. From all of us at the Murdock Trust, we wish you a Happy, Joyous New Year!

Photo by Keren Levand on Unsplash

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