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Throughout our history of working with and serving nonprofits, we have found six primary pillars to be central to the process of writing a great grant application. Examining these six “talking points” helps to ensure that an idea is fully considered and fleshed out. They also offer valuable insight into organizational health and can identify strengths or potential challenges facing a nonprofit that may not have been considered.

Below, we have worked with program directors at the Murdock Trust to provide a written overview of each section as well as a six-episode podcast that offers a deeper discussion and examples of these concepts at work.

Principles and Practices of Great Grants and Effective Organizations

Organizational Leadership (Article) (Podcast)

Financial Management (Article) (Podcast)

Project Planning (Article) (Podcast)

Fundraising (Article) (Podcast)

Innovation (Article) (Podcast)

Assessment (Article) (Podcast)

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