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Join us for an inspiring and engaging conversation with bestselling author and Harvard professor, Arthur Brooks.

November 1, 2021

10:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern

In this age of divisive politicians, screaming heads on television, angry campus activists and twitter trolls, Harvard professor Arthur Brooks warns there is an “outrage industrial complex,” that profits by setting American against American. His argument: It turns out most of what we ‘know’ about the other side is wrong.

Public leaders and ordinary citizens alike are wondering how we can fight back against the bitterness and contempt washing over America. Conventional wisdom suggests that we need less disagreement, but Brooks recommends better, more loving disagreement.

It’s not that we shouldn’t disagree. On the contrary, we shouldn’t agree with each other, because we have a competition of ideas. That’s a good thing.

Drawing on history, cutting-edge social science, and a decade of experience leading one of the nation’s preeminent think tanks, Brooks shows that the country needs more love – not the mushy sentiment, but a commitment to the good of our fellow citizens.

Attendees of this engaging session will take home tangible lessons on how they can become healers in our nation, as well as happier people overall.

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