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When President Gerald Ford highlighted Black History Month in 1976 during the nation’s bicentennial celebration, he underscored an important truth: that powerful work and life-changing stories are too often neglected as we consider our past and our present. Black History Month offers an important moment for all of us to recognize and celebrate the significant contributions of Black community leaders and organizations working within the Black community to serve the common good. 

A man teaches a teen on a computer

This month, we have had the opportunity to reflect on the life-affirming work of groups like  Black Pilots of America and Mentoring Urban Students & Teens. But we know there are so many more contributing to the common good of the Pacific Northwest. To name only a few:  

As we celebrate and honor the work of nonprofits and community leaders across all backgrounds throughout the year, we are grateful for an opportunity to pause and reflect on the unique service of those supporting the Black community. To those working to bring justice to all and serve the common good, we say thank you! 

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