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This will be a week of smiles and tears among the Murdock Trust staff. After 16 inspiring years, this is Steve Moore’s final week as our esteemed executive director.   

Steve is the king of “shout outs.” He is always looking for opportunities to celebrate the work of others, be that applauding the work of one of our grantees on social media, spotlighting local leaders at an event, or highlighting recent wins and hard work by members of our team at a staff meeting. 

A man with gray hair and facial hear wearing a white shirt, blue sweater, and red tie smiles for the camera.

While no words, numbers, or photos could ever capture the impact Steve’s leadership has made on the communities of the Pacific Northwest, we wanted to take a moment to give him a shout out of our own. During Steve’s tenure at the Murdock Trust he has …. 

  • Led 64 grants meetings.  
  • Oversaw the dispersion of more than 4400 grants totaling $771 million. 
  • Helped support more than 2,000 organizations, over 1,400 of which were new to partnering with the Trust.  

But as impactful as those numbers may be, one of Steve’s favorite sayings is that “not everything that can be measured matters, and not everything that matters can be measured.” In that spirit, Steve has … 

  • Facilitated countless important conversations.  
  • Connected hundreds of community leaders through convenings, events, and one-off emails. 
  • Offered warm and well-earned wisdom to all he came across, from interns to journalists to university presidents.  
  • Brought an intentional and caring spirit to every person with whom he interacted.  

Steve, we are all better for knowing you, and our region has been unmistakably enriched by your life and your life’s work. We know you will find new ways to serve the common good in this next season. 

As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a life by what we give.” Few have given more of themselves to our region than our beloved Steve Moore.  

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 

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