M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Our annual Founder’s Day celebration honors the life and legacy of our benefactor, Jack Murdock, and is always a highlight of the year for many staff and constituents. This year we were thrilled to gather with several hundred of the Murdock Trust’s grantees and community partners to celebrate the ongoing good work in our region.

This year’s gathering was especially celebratory for a few reasons:

Trustee Jeff Grubb, Trustee Jeff Pinneo, incoming CEO Romanita Hairston, and outgoing CEO Steve Moore
  • After a two year pause in Founder’s Day activities due to the pandemic, it was a joy to be together once again not only in spirit but in person.
  • This was one of our largest Founder’s Day yet. To us, this marks the growing community of individuals and organizations committed to the common good of our region. We are grateful for each who attended, and for the chance to deepen the connections and collaborations that will continue to bring life-giving change to our communities.
  • Finally, this was a historic Founder’s Day for the Trust because it marked the official passing of the baton between our outgoing CEO of 16 years, Steve Moore, and our incoming leader, Romanita Hairston. Getting to honor Steve, welcome Romanita, and celebrate this transition with many of the Trust’s partners, constituents, and friends was a special moment for all of us.

Such a celebration is no small undertaking, and a few thanks are in order. Thank you to…

…our staff who worked tirelessly in the weeks leading up to the event.

…our incredible vendors who supplied live music and delicious food.

…Pearson Airfield for allowing us to host this event at a place that was near to Jack’s heart.

…our Trustees, Steve, and Romanita for their presence and remarks.

And finally, thank you to each person who attended and each organization you represented. Your work is the reason Jack Murdock’s legacy lives on.

Let us carry this spirit of celebration and collaboration forward, in honor of Jack, and in honor of those we serve.

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