M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Our benefactor, Jack Murdock, believed in the entrepreneurial spirit. An innovator, inventor, and businessman himself, Jack knew firsthand the power of individuals making the world better through their contributions. And he loved to support others as they did the same.

Recently, the Murdock Trust has had the opportunity to give grants to a number of organizations who are supporting our region’s entrepreneurs. In recent years, public support for small businesses has increased in inspiring ways, helping fuel local economies and reducing environmental impacts. Despite this increased support, small businesses, particularly those in rural communities, often need additional resources to thrive. That’s why organizations such as the following are important for the economic wellbeing of the Pacific Northwest:


In Southeast Alaska, Spruce Root promotes economic development and job creation by supporting local entrepreneurs. With a focus on serving businesses in low-income rural and historically native communities, Spruce Root provides coaching, training, and lending for startup enterprises, working capital, business expansion, and more.

Craft3 serves all of Oregon and Washington as a nonprofit lender. It delivers capital where it’s needed most, making loans and providing advice to those often denied access to traditional funding. By lending to established nonprofits and growing and start-up businesses alike, Craft3 is strengthening the economic fabric of our region.

Meanwhile, Montana Community Development Corporation (MoFi) is also providing business loans and free business consulting to underserved populations including low-income people, women, minorities, and those who lack formal education. Since 1986, MoFi has helped more than 13,000 businesses. This assistance has increased financial security for families in Montana and built successful businesses that offer value to their communities.

Business Impact NW shares this vision where all business owners have an equal opportunity to succeed. Through free classes, one-on-one coaching, and loans, the organization works to grow businesses that create jobs in underserved communities. With the help of a Trust grant a new position will allow them to expand their loan offerings to Alaska.

When businesses are supported, individuals have greater opportunity for creative flourishing, families have more financial stability, and communities are enriched. That is why Jack Murdock believed in supporting entrepreneurs, and why the Trust is full of gratitude for organizations such as these that are strengthening the economic fabric of our region.

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