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Happy National STEM Day! Murdock Trust senior director for scientific research and Enrichment programs Dr. Moses Lee has written about the importance of STEM for us all. This belief in the power of scientific education and experimentation was shared by our founder, Jack Murdock, who was a technological innovator himself. Jack invested in scientific research that pushed the boundaries of knowledge, and in those who conducted and supported such inquiry. Today, scientific research and education remains one of the five pillars that the Murdock Trust invests in through grants and Enrichment programs.

Since 1990, employment in STEM occupations has grown 79%, and it is projected to grow another 8% by 2029. Though not everyone is destined for a career in the sciences, many partners and organizations have shared that until students can meaningfully engage with STEM subjects, they won’t be able to decide if it’s right for them. That is why nonprofits that increase access to scientific education, as well as institutions that model research innovation at its best, are vital to the wellbeing of our communities.

On this National STEM Day, we recognize some such outstanding grantees:

We could list countless more organizations that are strengthening the scientific and social fabric of our communities through their work. To each of these and many others, thank you for the part you play in using STEM to provide opportunities for flourishing throughout our region, both now and for the future. And happy National STEM Day!

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