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A generous spirit lives in the Pacific Northwest. It is what fuels so many of the exemplary organizations with which the Murdock Trust partners: nonprofits serving healthcare, human services, arts and culture, scientific research, and education. In order for these nonprofits to do what they do best, it takes a community of generosity – individual donors in addition to philanthropic partners – to support them.

Generous Giving

Recently, the Trust has had the opportunity to fund several nonprofits with services focused on igniting generosity in Pacific Northwest churches and communities. By encouraging this spirit of giving and providing practical tools to increase it, these organizations are helping fuel the economic and nonprofit ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest.

Generous Giving

Generous Giving hosts engaging conversations in church communities to bring more generosity into the world. They ask the question, “What would your life be like if you could give without obligation and share without hesitation?” Through online and in-person events, they explore what a life of giving looks like, and share practices that cultivate it. The Trust has been fortunate to support Generous Giving as they build their capacity into the future through volunteer development, world-class content, and more.

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)

Three ECFA members: Miracle Ranch (top), Portland Rescue Mission (bottom left), Luis Palau Association (bottom right)

ECFA is dedicated to helping Christian ministries earn public trust through practices of responsible stewardship, including accreditation and training in areas of governance, financial management, legal compliance, fundraising/stewardship, and leadership. With increased trust in institutions such as nonprofits and churches, community members will be more encouraged to give to the groups that make their region thrive. A recent grant from the Trust will help ECFA focus on recruitment and retention efforts in the Pacific Northwest, and in doing so, increase trust and ignite generosity across our region.

Global Trust Partners

Global Trust Partners (GTP) grows local generosity in communities around the globe through teaching, training, regional partnerships, and resources. A new project supported by a Trust grant will increase the effectiveness of faith-based stewardship and philanthropy among Asian minority groups in the Pacific Northwest. Studies show that these communities, particularly Asian immigrant groups, lack nonprofit training and tools for flourishing. By offering resources and training, GTP will help position these nonprofit and ministry workers for sustainable success and support them as they build development programs that cause generous gifts to flow from their communities.

At the Trust, we believe that philanthropy is for everyone, and recent giving trends encourage us that our fellow Americans agree. We are grateful to these three organizations and others that increase giving in our local communities, and to all those whose generosity makes our region thrive.

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