M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Collage of five professional headshots
Top Left: Sara O’Brien; Top Middle: Trinita Saldana; Top Right: Jenna Watson; Bottom Left: John Jokela; Bottom Right: Colby Reade

We have always said that our staff are the Murdock Trust’s greatest asset. As we have undergone an organizational restructure and significant changes to our systems and processes over the last year, we have been reminded again of the strength and dedication of our entire team. Individually and collectively, our staff has leaned in to change for the sake of better service to our communities. Today, we are excited to share five promotions that reflect some of this growth and commitment. 

Sara O’Brien has been promoted to a permanent position as Executive Assistant, External Relations for the Executive Office. After a temporary position beginning in 2023, we are thrilled to welcome Sara into a permanent role supporting external relations for our executive office. 

Trinita Saldana has been promoted to a permanent position as Administrative Assistant, Grants and Programs. Trinita’s promotion from her temporary position beginning in 2023 to a permanent place on our team reflects her invaluable role coordinating and supporting the grants and programs team. 

John Jokela has been promoted to Accounting Manager. For more than four years, John has diligently overseen the Trust’s accounting needs. In addition to this continued work, John will now be managing systems and partners within the accounting realm. 

Jenna Watson has been promoted to Communications Associate. This promotion reflects Jenna’s growth in support of the Trust’s communications work and signifies her increased ownership and leadership of core processes, including our blog and content strategy.  

Colby Reade has been promoted to Vice President of Strategy & Communications. In this role, Colby will continue to oversee communications and events, with added responsibilities in strategy, planning, business processes, and developing the Trust’s values framework. This promotion reflects more than six years of Colby’s outstanding leadership and dedication in stewarding the Trust’s brand and missional expressions. 

Please join us in congratulating these staff members. We are thankful for their exemplary service and continued dedication to supporting Pacific Northwest communities! 

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