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An Oregon Legacy That Continues to Serve

We’ve had the immense privilege this summer of celebrating a huge milestone at the Murdock Trust—crossing the $1 billion grant mark. This milestone would never have been possible without the foresight and investment of generosity by our benefactor, Jack Murdock. It’s fitting that we celebrated this momentous occasion at our annual Founder’s Day gathering, which is the time we set aside each year to remember Jack and reflect on his legacy.

In light of this milestone, John Castles, ones of our Trustees and someone who knew Jack personally, reflected on the legacy of philanthropy and generosity that Jack built during his lifetime and that the Murdock Trust continues to steward today. Jack’s legacy lives on through the investment of $1 billion in communities across the Pacific Northwest to help all people flourish.

Read more about this important mile marker and Jack’s legacy in The Oregonian: https://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/2019/06/opinion-an-oregon-legacy-that-continues-to-serve.html?fbclid=IwAR0X3kegZBG6sD84ospv7LZVFNif9RB06Ilc-PBnxaoc5noB5v3XI_hf0NE