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From the time he was a child, Jack Murdock was passionate about learning. Fascinated by radio technology, Jack tracked down any information he could find related to the rapidly growing world of electronics. This passion would ultimately lead to his first business out of high school and then the formation of Tektronix with his friend and business partner, Howard Vollum.

A key portion of the Trust’s mission is to build capacity in organizations and institutions and support projects that strengthen the educational ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest in creative and sustainable ways. We fulfill this mission through a variety of efforts, including making grants to colleges, universities and schools around the Northwest, as well as supporting informal educational programs in museums, zoos, science camps and other nonprofits in diverse sectors and helping to build relationships among educators and all those interested in learning.

This video offers a glimpse into just a handful of the organizations with whom we’ve partnered to bring learning to life. On this web page, you will find further examples and more detail around how the Murdock Trust is investing in the educational base of the Pacific Northwest, such as through our Partners in Science and Murdock College Science Research programs. We hope that you will also find inspiration and ideas that you may be able to help lift up students and educators in your community in creative ways.


Educational Grants

To date, the Murdock Trust has provided $320 million in funding for educational initiatives, including grants to nonprofits as well as by funding our own enrichment programming. These funds have been used in a wide variety of efforts, ranging from the construction of new classroom space, to providing resources for an innovative course, to helping hire staff to introduce new educational programs. In addition, these funds have supported a broad range of organizations, including:

Bringing Business to the Classroom

A born entrepreneur, Jack loved to see ways that business leaders could educate and inspire students to pursue great things. As time has progressed, we have seen firsthand the positive impact that business leaders can have when they bring their expertise and experiences to the classroom. Projects such as Zambia Gold honey, Garden City Harvest, Hilltop Artists and Junior Achievement pair academic values with real world knowledge to help prepare teens and college students for life after graduation.


Data has shown time and again the unending value of internships on the professional development of recent graduates. From developing real world experience to building a professional network, the months spent interning can have a significant impact on an individual’s career. The Murdock Trust regularly collaborates with nonprofit organizations to support quality internship opportunities for young professionals, including groups such as World Vision, Whitworth University, Mission Aviation Fellowship, and OHSU.

For those in the education and scientific research fields, research internships are equally as valuable. In these cases, students, educators and scientists are paired with researchers in laboratories to conduct hands on research, over a period of months. These collaborations give educators new concepts and strategies to bring to their classrooms while offering teachers and students the opportunity to conduct real research in a professional setting. The Murdock Trust regularly partners with educators and research institutions, such as Alaska Pacific University, University of Puget Sound, Reed College, Carroll College and College of Idaho, to support these types of opportunities.

In addition to collaborating with organizations on external internship opportunities, the Murdock Trust has funded a diverse collection of . Participants have the opportunity to gain real-world experience while serving the nonprofit community as they complete their degree or take their first steps into the professional world.