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Board Leadership & Development Program

The Murdock Trust Board Leadership and Development Program equips nonprofit Christian organizations to fulfill their unique missions as they build board and staff capacity. The training also helps organizations identify the strategic steps and benchmarks needed to create a sustainable future, and emphasizes four phases of board recruitment: cultivation, recruitment, orientation and engagement.

Participating organizations receive insight, tools and templates for inspiring both their current and future board members to become more effective in their board governance roles and responsibilities. Learn more about the seminar coaches and download past Board Leadership and Development resources below.

If you’re interested in participating in this program, please email Mary Hill. And be sure to download the Board Leadership and Development fact sheet.

Meet the 2018 Coaches:

Ed McDowell – Read his bio
Ed McDowellEd has been the executive director of Warm Beach Christian Camps and Conference Center, Stanwood, Wash., since 1995. Warm Beach serves more than 90,000 guests per year. Previous to 1995, Ed served five years as dean of student development at Central College in McPherson, Kan., and three years as senior pastor of First Free Methodist Church in Denver, Colo.

Scott Rodin – Read his bio
Scott Rodin Portrait 007 Scott has a passion for helping Christian ministry leaders take a biblical approach to leadership development, strategic planning, board development and raising kingdom resources. Over the past 30 years he has worked with hundreds of organizations in the U.S., Canada, Middle East, Great Britain, China, India, the Philippines and Australia.

Ron King – Full bio coming soon
Ron KingRon has extensive experience in both the business and nonprofit sectors. For the past twenty years Ron led Western Family Foods as its CEO, as well as serving in a number of leadership positions on nonprofit boards. Ron graduated from Washington State University and the Stanford Executive Program.

Paula Kinney –
Read her bio
Paula Kinney2Strong and effective leadership has been the hallmark of Dr. Paula Kinney’s career. Dr. Kinney has been an educator for over 35 years, as a teacher, principal, district school administrator and adjunct professor. In addition, she has provided management and leadership training to organizations across the country, as well as, in Korea and Japan.

Kim Triller –
Read her bio
Kim Triller 2017Kim has been the executive director of Care Net Pregnancy & Family Services of Puget Sound, in Washington State, since 1994.  Offering life-affirming assistance at seven Pregnancy Medical and Family Service Centers in Pierce and King Counties, Care Net of Puget Sound has helped well over 240,000 individuals through a variety of programs, services and referrals.




  • Three Hats” – Article by John Pearson (PDF)
  • 7 Foundations of Board Effectiveness” – Article by Ed McDowell (PDF)
  • Becoming a Leader of No Reputation” – Article by R. Scott Rodin (PDF)

For more information, check out the Roles and Responsibilities of a Board.

2018 Resources

2018 Resources: Session 1: February 21-22

  • PowerPoint presentation: PDF
  • Murdock Trust Board Book (1 of 2): PDF

Digital Tools & Templates:

  • Introduction: PDF
  • Board Policies Manual: .docx
  • Prime Responsibilities Chart: .docx
  • CEO Monthly Report: PDF
  • CEO Annual SMART Goals: .docx
  • Quarterly Board Meeting: .docx
  • Board Nominee Orientation Binder: .docx
  • Board Member Annual Affirmation: .docx
  • Job Descriptions: .docx
  • Trend Spotting Exercise: PDF
  • StrengthFinder Tool: .xlsx
  • StrengthFinder Themes: PDF
  • Rolling 3-Year Strategic Plan Placemat: .docx
  • Board Annual Evaluation of CEO: PDF
  • Sample 360 CEO Evaluation by Board: PDF
  • Read Reflect Worksheets: .docx
  • Board Self Assessment Survey: PDF| Sample: PDF

Other Resources (additional handouts and recommendations)

2017 Resources

2017 Resources: Session 2: May 3-4


May 3-4 Sessions:

Murdock Trust Board Book (2 of 2)

Other Resources (additional handouts and recommendations)

2017 Resources: Session 1: February 15-16

Murdock Trust Board Book (1 of 2)

Tools & Templates Binder
For your convenience, many of the templates include both the PDF and the Word document so you can customize the template for your unique needs.

Other Resources (additional handouts and recommendations)

2016 Resources

2016 Resources: Session 2: May 3-4

Program Binder (2 of 2)

If you are creating additional binders for your board members, download the binder cover page insert here:

Tools and Templates Binder

  • Tab 00: Table of Contents (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 01: Introduction (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 02: Board Policies Manual (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 03: Prime Responsibilities Chart (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 04: CEO Monthly Report (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 05: CEO Annual SMART Goals (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 06: Quarterly Board Meeting (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 07: Board Nominee Orientation Binder (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 08: Board Member Annual Affirmation (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 09: Job Descriptions (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 10:  (Coming Soon)
  • Tab 11: StrengthsFinder Themes (PDF)
  • Tab 12: Rolling 3 Year Plan Placemat (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 13: TrendSpotting Exercise (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 14A: Read Reflect Worksheet (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 14B: Board Retreat Read-and-Reflect Worksheet: Drucker Questions (.docx |PDF)
  • Tab 15: (Coming This Fall)

Other Resources (additional handouts and recommendations)

2016 Resources: Session 1: February 17-18

Program Binder

Other Resources (additional handouts and recommendations)