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Below are the stages and steps involved in the Trust’s Strategic Grants process


The Trust has multiple resources to help your organization determine grant eligibility.

  1. Carefully review the Guidelines for Grantseekers to determine if your organization meets geographical and tax status requirements, as well as the Trust’s funding priorities and limitations, to determine if your project meets Trust interests. Familiarize yourself with our Grantee Roadmap that outlines each step of the application process which is further outlined on this page.
  2. The Trust’s previously awarded grants are the best indicator of projects we are likely to pursue in the future. Read through the Grantee Stories and survey the Grants Awarded database to find similar projects.
  3. You may also reach out to the Trust directly to ensure eligibility or to ask any questions: info@murdocktrust.org or 360-694-8415

Submitting a Letter of Inquiry

A Letter of Inquiry (LOI) helps the Trust determine whether your organization and project are eligible and consistent with Trust practices. If so, you will be invited to submit a full application.

  1. Review the Letter of Inquiry Instructions to prepare your letter for submission.
  2. Create your organization’s account and submit your LOI in the Grants Portal.
Instructional Video Part 2: Letter of Inquiry

Grant Application Submission and Review Process

If invited to submit an application, you will be able to create an application in the Grants Portal.

Application Submission

  1. Carefully review the Application Instructions for Strategic Projects.
  2. Browse Nonprofit Resources for Grant Writing Tips.
  3. Review Navigating the Grants Portal.
  4. Once you have completed the application, review, edit and double-check figures one last time. When you are satisfied with your completed application, you must click the Submit button.

Review Process

  1. A program director will be assigned to your application within 2-3 weeks of submission.
  2. A site visit will be scheduled typically within the following three months after submission. This includes questions on the project, leadership, the board, the plan for executing and sustaining the project and how you will determine success.
  3. Your program director will prepare a detailed report to present to the Trustees for a decision, typically within 4 to 7 months from the date of submission. If the requested amount is $750,000 or greater and/or necessitates external reviewers, the review process may take longer.

Instructional Video Part 3: Project Budget

Instructional Video Part 4: Project Funding and Sustainability

Final Decision

While merit is evident in nearly every application received by the Trust, only a fraction of the requests reviewed can result in awards.

Receiving approval

If the application is approved, carefully review the Grant Administration Overview to request payment and report on project activities and learnings.


When an application has been declined, it will not be carried over for future consideration. Under normal circumstances, resubmission of an application that was declined is not permitted.

However, you can begin again when a new strategic need arises. The Murdock Trust has a wealth of Nonprofit Resources to help you on your next project. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further help.

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