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Equipment & Technology Grants

Best practices suggest that a healthy equipment and supporting technology infrastructure is essential. Please note that with these grants, recipient organizations are responsible for 50% or greater of the purchase cost.

Before applying, we suggest that interested nonprofits review the Guidelines for Grantseekers to learn more and determine your organization’s eligibility. To apply for an equipment and technology grant, please review and follow our grant application process.

Steps in the Grant Application Process:

  1. Create an account to access the Murdock Trust Grants Portal (launching April 18, 2018).
  2. Submit a Letter of Inquiry through the Grants Portal.
  3. Receive your application approval email.
  4. Download and thoroughly read the Strategic Projects Application Instructions.
  5. Log in to the Grants Portal and complete and submit a full application, carefully following the instructions.

Begin the Application Process with a Letter of Inquiry
A clearly written Letter of Inquiry will save you time and help the Trust understand how well your proposed project may fit with our funding priorities. Learn more about writing a clear, concise Letter of Inquiry. 

Completing the Application Process

If your proposed project appears eligible for consideration, you will receive an approval email encouraging an application. Using your previously created username and password, you will log in to the Grants Portal, where you’ll complete the full application and submit it according to the instructions.

There are no application submission deadlines, but please note that due to the volume of applications we receive, it normally takes six to nine months to process, evaluate and take final action on each request.

Application Planning Resources
An array of tips and sample documents to help you fill our your grant application.