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Explore the Scientific Research Instrumentation program and determine whether your institution is eligible to apply for a grant.


Funding is intended to support scientific research in the form of major scientific instrumentation. Only applications from scientific research institutions or major universities will be considered. Applications from individuals will not be considered.

Application Process

Scientific research institutions will submit a Scientific Research Letter of Inquiry through the Grants Portal. Upon review of the LOI, an invitation will be emailed for you to begin the process of a full application request. If your institution has not submitted a proposal for support of research to the Trust in the last five years, please email or call Dr. Moses Lee at the Trust (360-694-8415) before completing the Scientific Research Letter of Inquiry.

Electrical Engineering Professor David Dickensheets and senior Erwin Dunbar in labs at Montana State University. Photo by Kelly Gorham.


The Trust has an understanding with all research institutions in our funding region that only institutional priority requests are to be submitted, and no more than two proposals should be under consideration by the Trust from any institution at any given time. For major research universities, no more than three proposals for support of research projects in the natural sciences, engineering or medicine can be submitted in two calendar years, beginning in January 2014.

As of September 18, 2021, biomedical research institutes can submit one scientific research proposal to the Trust in each calendar year. All other eligible institutions may submit such a proposal to the Trust in roughly once every three years, and the institutions and PIs are welcome to contact Dr. Moses Lee if clarification is needed or unique opportunities arise.

The Trust does not accept grant requests from individual researchers unless the institution endorses that request as its priority to the Trust. The authority to provide this endorsement lies with the chief executive officer of the institution or may be delegated to a chief academic or research officer.

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