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Research Universities & Biomedical Institutes

Across the Pacific Northwest, research institutions are doing important work that can potentially benefit individuals, families and communities both here and far beyond. The Murdock Trust supports this groundbreaking research by helping to facilitate lab discoveries and bring innovation to where it’s needed most.

Scientific Research Instrumentation Program

Steps in the Scientific Research Grant Application Process:

  1. Read the Guidelines for Scientific Research Application.
  2. If your institution has not submitted a proposal for support of research to the Trust in the last five years, please call Dr. Moses Lee at the Trust (360-694-8415) before continuing the Research Application process.
  3. Scientific research institutions will submit a (Scientific Research Application) Letter of Inquiry through the Grants Portal. Using the link, the PI must register through the grants portal to begin the process. (Login and password will be provided upon registration.) Login to the grants portal to complete and submit a (Scientific Research Application) Letter of Inquiry.
  4. Upon review and approval of the LOI, an invitation will be emailed for you to begin the process of a full application request.
  5. Thoroughly read through the Scientific Research Application Instructions and Checklist.
  6. Login to the Grants Portal to complete the application and upload any required attachments.

Completing the Application Process

  1. If your LOI appears to be eligible for Trust consideration, you will be invited to prepare and submit a full application request in the Grants Portal.
  2. Thoroughly read through the Scientific Research Application Instructions and Checklist.
  3. Login to the Grants Portal to complete the application and upload any required attachments.
  4. Complete the Scientific Research Application, upload any required documents, as stated in the Instructions and Checklist, and submit your application in the Grants Portal.

There are no application submission deadlines, but please note that due to the volume of applications we receive, it normally takes six to nine months to process, evaluate and take final action on each request.

Commercialization Initiation Program

Deadline: June 1 (one proposal cycle per completed application)
Awards Announced: Late August
To Learn More: Read the Guidelines for Commercialization Initiation Program.

Launched in 2015, this program supports the commercialization of bench discoveries at a select group of major research universities in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington — critical work that helps bring valuable research discoveries to market. We consider only each institution’s highest-priority project from the natural sciences, medicine and engineering, and we look to support projects that create a true inflection point for commercialization. (We will dismiss projects designed only to generate data for a subsequent research grant application.)

Commercialization Initiation proposals will be submitted through the Grants Portal.  Use the link provided in the invitation email to begin the process, and please thoroughly read the Instructions and Checklist for Commercialization Initiation, upload all required documents, and submit your application in the Grants Portal.

There is one proposal cycle per year with a deadline of June 1 for completed applications. Awards are announced in August. For more information about the Commercialization Initiation Program, email Dr. Moses Lee or call the Trust at 360-694-8415.