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Building strong communities by investing in the health of individuals and families

Across the Pacific Northwest, medical professionals work tirelessly to ensure that all members of their community have access to the best care possible so that every individual and family has the opportunity to flourish and thrive. We are grateful to have the opportunity to support their work by investing in the professionals and facilities that serve this most fundamental need of all people. From major metropolitan hospitals to rural health centers to mobile and virtual diagnostic resources to mental health and dental clinics we seek to partner with doctors, nurses and other medical and mental health professionals to provide the unique, culturally-supportive resources to serve the myriad communities of our region.

A few of the areas in Health we fund include:

Regional Hospitals · Rural Hospitals · Mobile/Virtual Diagnostic Resources · Free/Low-Cost Health Clinics · Mental Health Services · Dental Clinics · Intellectual/Developmental & Physical Disabilities · Health Supporting Organizations

Grants Awarded

Health Grantee Stories

Improving Quality of Life for People Living with Serious Diseases

Nonprofits throughout our region work to improve the quality of life for people who have been diagnosed with a disease—whether cancer, Parkinson’s, Fanconi anemia, Alzheimer’s or any number of other diseases. 

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Horse Therapy

Veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, children with physical disabilities like cerebral palsy or development disabilities like Down syndrome, adults with Multiple Sclerosis, teens with behavioral issues. Day-to-day life for each of these groups of individuals can present a unique set of challenges ranging from how they are able to build relationships and communicate with others to how they are able to physically navigate the world. However, there is also a common bond that can connect these communities. Each of these groups has been proven to benefit from equine therapy.

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Swiftsure Ranch

Rural Clinics

Simply by virtue of living in remote areas, Rural Americans are often grossly underserved in the area of health care. Rural Americans make up about 20 percent of the U.S. population, and they face many barriers to the availability of and access to quality health care, which can be rooted in a variety of areas, including economic, social, ethnic, racial and geographic factors.

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Bethel Family Clinic

By investing in addressing root contributors of chronic illness through connecting individuals and families with resources that help them make positive changes to their nutritional choices, we can all help bring significant health improvements to the next generation.

Dr. Kent Thornburg
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