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How We Invest

Murdock Trust investments provide the financial resources to support and grow our mission. Since our founding in 1975, Trust assets have grown steadily from $91 million to approximately $1.3 billion today, helping to fund over $1 billion of investment into nonprofits that serve the common good.

Our Chief Investment Officer, along with the investment and financial staff, employs a long-term, somewhat unusual, approach to investment program management, guided by three Trustees with a proven record of thinking innovatively.

While we consider all types of investment opportunities, what’s most important to us are the people who manage the products. The Murdock Trust is fortunate to have many long-term relationships with best-in-class investment managers, and we strive to be our managers’ best client. Our commitment to long-term planning and partnerships has served us well in the past — and we believe it will in the future.

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