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Leadership advance

Nonprofit leaders growing together

The Trust’s Leadership Advance conference is held annually in late November or early December for executive leaders who have the responsibility of leading Christian organizations, including the development of other leaders. Leadership Advance participants include Christian ministry leaders, educators, trainers, business people and others.

Leadership Advance

Our Next Conference

Our next Leadership Advance Conference is December 2-3, 2020.

At last year’s Leadership Advance Conference, amidst a time of continued cultural change—we turned our listening outward to the wisdom of our neighbors—people outside our tradition or everyday experience— and heard what they brought to bear.

Have questions? Contact us at leadershipadvance@murdocktrust.org or 360-694-8415.

“On Leadership” Video Series

How do you develop the leaders of tomorrow? At all levels of an organization, what qualities do existing leaders need to help people learn and grow? What tools and resources are necessary? In the Murdock Trust’s video series, On Leadership, nonprofit sector leaders with decades of experience and wisdom share their insights on these important topics. These short videos contain practical, illuminating perspectives on the most vital leadership themes, including making time to mentor, the traits of leaders, overworking, how to cultivate young leaders, and many more.

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