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MJMCT Program Logos

Below is a table of links to logo files for the Trust and each of its programs. Click the link corresponding to the logo file(s) you need, or right-click to save that file to your computer. Information about logo file types and typical usage appears below.

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, horizontalRGBCMYKBlackRGB/PNGWhite/PNG
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, verticalRGBCMYKBlackRGB/PNGWhite/PNG
Board Leadership & DevelopmentRGBCMYKBlackRGB/PNGWhite/PNG
Coaching NetworkRGBCMYKBlackRGB/PNGWhite/PNG
College Science ResearchRGBCMYKBlackRGB/PNGWhite/PNG
Essentials of DevelopmentRGBCMYKBlackRGB/PNGWhite/PNG
Leadership NowRGBCMYKBlackRGB/PNGWhite/PNG
Partners in ScienceRGBCMYKBlackRGB/PNGWhite/PNG
Vision + CallRGBCMYKBlackRGB/PNGWhite/PNG
Women in LeadershipRGBCMYKBlackRGB/PNGWhite/PNG

Important Logo Usage Notes

  • These logos are provided for use by M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust partners in conjunction with Enrichment activities, convenings and other programs that are presented by the Trust or where the Trust is a partner.
  • When using the Murdock Trust logo(s), we ask that partners take care to ensure that our marks are not used in a way that would confuse an audience to believe a product, service or website was made or endorsed by the Trust when this is not the case.
  • We ask that partners use the appropriate version of the logo for its intended use and do not alter, stretch, condense, overlay, stylize, or otherwise skew our logo in any way. If a version of the logo is needed for a specific purpose or format that is not available here, please contact our communications team for assistance.

To make sure our logo appears as consistent as possible throughout our communications, we’ve identified a few ways it should not be used. Here are some examples:

MJMCT logo rules

Logo File Types & Typical Usages

PDF files are the current preferred vector format for logo files, which is to say that they are comprised of points and lines. They can be scaled to any size without a loss in quality, and are therefore ideal for print documents.
Common usages: advertisements, brochures, collateral, posters
Similar vector file types that can be provided if needed: EPS, Adobe Illustrator

PNG files are the current preferred bitmap format for logo files, which is to say that they are comprised of a grid of pixels. The can only be scaled up a particular size (their native resolution) before starting to become blurry. PNGs are intended mainly for digital applications.
Common usages: websites, apps, social media, video, Microsoft Office docs
Similar vector file types that can be provided if needed: GIF, JPG, TIFF

Logo Color Models

  • RGB files are typically used in digital spaces.
  • CMYK files are typically used for printed documents.
  • Black files are often used for single-color print or apparel applications (often this file’s color will be changed to the real brand color by the deliverable service — printer, manufacturer, sign maker, etc.).
  • White files are usually used in digital spaces where the original logo color is inappropriate for the context.

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