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2017 Partners in Science National Conference Wrap-Up

PicCollageThe 2017 Partners in Science national conference was held in San Diego January 13-14. We had more than 130 teachers, 20 mentors, and a host of special guests at the conference. This year’s participants came from the Pacific Northwest (Murdock Trust Partners), Research Corporation, Columbia University, Stanford University, UT-Southwestern Medical Center, Van Andel Education Institute, and Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo.

Conference events included off-site tours to area research institutions including Scripps Oceanography, Scripps Research Institute, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, US Naval Health Research Center, UCSD Center for Energy Research, and General Atomics Fusion Education Program. Additionally, there were 15 workshops led by current and former teachers on ways to incorporate research into the classroom.

Our guest speakers were Dr. Jennifer Ross (Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst) and Dr. Jocelyn Read (California State University, Fullerton) who engaged listeners in their exciting research on the biophysics of cell ultrastructure movement and deep space gravitational wave detection. As in previous years, the focus and highlight of the conference were presentations on their summer research by the current Partners and Fellows.

For a collection of pictures, videos, and moments from the conference click here.

For more information on the Partners in Science program, including application and deadlines, please visit sciencepartners.org