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We are very excited to see your work and research come to life in your MCSRP and Partners in Science posters and presentations at our upcoming conferences.

In some instances, in addition to the overview of research and data, some participants like to include branding and logos from their school and/or the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. Please note, you are in no way required or requested to include the Murdock Trust anywhere in your materials. Your poster or PowerPoint deck should feel authentic to you and your work. However, if you do choose to incorporate Murdock Trust branding into your presentation materials, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • You will find high resolution version of our logo in this Dropbox folder.
    • Please only use these versions of our logo. We recently updated our brand palette so please do not rely on a version you have found online.
    • We prefer that you use the full horizontal logo, however you may use the “stacked” logo or the “M” mark if space requires.
  • Please maintain the original integrity of our logo and branding marks.
    • Please do not recolor, stretch or otherwise alter our logo
  • Please only use the Murdock Trust logo(s) and branding for your display materials.
    • If you need to use our branding for any other public display or promotion, please contact our Communications Director, Colby Reade, with a heads up colbyr@murdocktrust.org

If you have any questions about the use of Murdock Trust branding, please reach out to us at colbyr@murdocktrust.org or call 360.694.8415

Thank you for your commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and scientific excellence. We look forward to seeing your work in person!

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