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  • Speakers must bring their PowerPoint presentation on flash drives to the assigned venue at 7:30 each morning. There will be someone to help you load your talks on the laptops, which will be PCs.
  • Mac users, prior to coming to the conference please run your presentation on a PC to ensure that the formatting is maintained.
  • Speakers who have embedded movies and sound in their presentations should make sure that the movie or sound file(s) is/are copied on the flash drive.
  • Please bring a spare flash drive that contains all the files needed for your talk.
  • Each technical session meeting room will be equipped with the following:
    • LCD Projector
    • Screen
    • Podium
    • Podium microphone or lapel microphone
    • Laser pointer
  • 20 minutes are allocated for each talk. Keep the presentation to about 15 minutes. That should be around 15 slides. The remaining five minutes will be used in the following way: one minute for the audience at each table to discuss the presentation. Four minutes will be devoted to questions and answers. The presider will moderate the questions and answers, and there will be a microphone for the audience to ask questions.

Preparing Your Slides

  • Allow ample time to prepare your presentation.
  • Rule of thumb – one slide per minute.
  • Please review the tips on how to prepare an effective oral presentation on our website.

Zoom Ticket: 10426242

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