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Equipping leaders of color to strengthen nonprofit boards

Board Leadership & Development

The Murdock Trust strengthens nonprofits by equipping leaders of color for board leadership. This equipping occurs in our existing Board Leadership programming and Green Room program. Green Room is a response to feedback from many nonprofits in the communities we serve. These nonprofits recognize the importance and potential of mobilizing more leaders of color into nonprofit board leadership. Green Room’s purpose is to increase the number of board-serving leaders of color in the Pacific Northwest. 

Program components include principles for mission stewardship, steps to becoming an effective board member, group interactions, and coaching. Green Room is grounded in a Christian faith perspective that equips leaders of color to make their highest and best contribution from the core of who they are.

Program Basics

This program is designed for leaders of color who desire to strengthen their board leadership skills in a program that integrates their Christian faith. It is also for leaders of color who want to sharpen their board skills for future service in the context of peers seeking to learn and grow. The program is open to those currently serving and not serving on a nonprofit board.

The Board Leadership for Leaders of Color program has an alias: “Green Room.” Why this name? In the public speaking and entertainment worlds, the green room is a space where speakers and performers – seasoned veterans, new talent, and people in-between – wait before going on stage. It is a space to focus and prepare. In the context of this Murdock Trust Board Leadership program, the Green Room is a space where capable leaders of color can hone their skills in governance, service, collaboration, and leadership. The “stage” is the nonprofit board room.

What to Expect

  • Three days of training in the fall of 2024: in person in Vancouver, WA, September 10-11, 2024; and virtually November 5, 2024.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills needed to serve effectively on a nonprofit board.
  • Build a peer group of like-minded persons.
  • Upon request, receive guidance with placement on a nonprofit board, coaching, or strategic support.
  • Learn from experienced faculty and receive insightful coaching both in and outside of sessions. Read about the individual coaches and faculty here.

Participation Fee and Requirements

  • A program fee of $150 is due upon registration that follows admittance into the cohort. The fee covers all session materials, two training days, meals, and hotel costs for the fall 2024 training days. Travel to and from Vancouver, Washington, for the training is the responsibility of the cohort participant. Preference for the 2024 Green Room cohort will be given to Portland Metro area applicants.
  • Cohort members must reside in the Murdock Trust’s geographic focus area (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington).
  • Cohort members must participate in the full program, including the in-person and virtual training days, as well as private and group coaching sessions.

How to Apply

The application window for the 2024 Green Room cohort is currently closed. To be contacted when the application window opens for our 2025 cohort, please fill out this form.

Questions? Contact us at greenroom@murdocktrust.org.

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