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Grant Submission/Nonprofit Resources

A Murdock Trust key priority is to ensure that the nonprofits and organizations we support are set up for success in the long term.

The videos below are designed to help organizations as they prepare to assemble an application for a grant with the Trust as well as any nonprofit organization looking for tips and advice on how to structure and manage their efforts more effectively.

Applying for a Grant: Instructional Video Playlist

To assist prospective grantees in completing their application, we have put together a series of short videos to walk you through our application process. Please enjoy the videos in this playlist, or select an individual video following on this page.

Grants Portal (Fluxx) Webinars Playlist

We have recorded several webinars to help you navigate the Grants Portal whether you are applying for the first time or have an active or closed grant.

Instructional Video: Overview/Letter of Inquiry

Are you considering applying for a grant from the Murdock Trust? This video will help you better understand our process and get you started on your application.

Instructional Video: Project Budget

Before submitting a proposal, we encourage applicants to carefully assemble and review budget and financial information. This video explains why and offers tips for a smooth process.

Instructional Video: Project Funding/Sustainability

We want to be sure our grantees are set up for long-term success. This video looks at how we evaluate the financial sustainability of a proposed project.

What Makes Communities Thrive?

The Pacific Northwest is home to a rich diversity of communities representing a wide variety of backgrounds. Ensuring all individuals and communities in our region can flourish and thrive is central to the mission of the Murdock Trust. We recently had the opportunity to broach this topic with a handful of leaders working to serve the common good and we wanted to share their ideas for how we can all work to ensure that our communities and our region continue to thrive.

Charitable Deduction

As debate rages over the best way to adjust our tax structure, this video examines the history of the charitable deduction and the prominence with which Americans have held it over the years.

Board Leadership Overview

Is your organization's board maximizing its contribution to your mission?

Essentials of Development

Making grants to nonprofit organizations is critical to the Murdock Trust mission—but that’s just part of what we do. Our enrichment programs help nonprofit executives, educators, business/community leaders and other influencers better serve their organizations and communities. In this video, we look at the Essentials of Development enrichment program.