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A white sports car in front of a refueling station that says "Fuel: Hydrogen"

Dr. Jake Leachman, a professor of engineering at Washington State University Pullman, received a commercialization grant from the Trust where he and his team of undergraduate and graduate students are making great progress in developing a way to generate, transport, and dispense liquid hydrogen to power hydrogen cars.
Learn more by watching their video and reading the announcement on their website.
“Dozens of auto manufacturers are designing hydrogen-powered vehicles, with three models currently for sale in the U.S. However, there are currently no plans to build hydrogen refueling stations in the Pacific Northwest to meet the anticipated demand for these cars.
To address this need, our student-led Washington State University H2-Flo team is developing an innovative hydrogen refueling station that utilizes a WSU patent-pending cooling system. The team’s design won the 2014 International Hydrogen Student Design Competition in addition to a major research grant from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Housed within a recycled shipping container, the system can collect hydrogen from many sources and is designed to be low-cost, low-maintenance, transportable, and readily mass-produced.”

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