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Whitman College recently announced the recipients of two Murdock College Research Program for Natural Sciences awards made at our last grants meeting.  Read more about the projects and other Trust-funded scientific research happening at Whitman: whitman.edu/newsroom/murdock-grants
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Nate Boland and Assistant Professor of Physics Greg Ogin are the latest Whitman recipients of grants from the Murdock Trust College Research Program for Natural Sciences to support research projects and student learning.
Boland’s research in environmental chemistry focuses on nutrient and toxic metal bioavailability and mobility in the environment. With this grant, he will investigate the mechanisms of metal ion mobilization and acquisition exploited by plants, microbes and fungi to satisfy their nutritional needs.   
“I am excited for the opportunity to continue a project I started with Andrew Wildman ’15 that revealed a novel mechanism for accelerated nutrient metal ion capture,” said Boland. “I am grateful to the M. J. Murdock Trust and their support of three years of student research that will yield peer-reviewed publications and will provide our students with a powerful capstone experience to the Whitman chemistry education…”

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