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The newly constructed Faubion school in Portland opens its doors to K-8 students this week.

The school is the first of its kind in the nation that will implement a new education model called “3 to PhD” in association with Concordia University. The Trust awarded a grant for $636,000 to the initiative for new technology.

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Faubion is unusual as both its new facilities and its day-to-day operations benefit from a partnership with neighboring Concordia University. The new design integrates the public preK-8 school and the private university. The idea is that the shared spaces helps fuel the already robust cooperation between the organizations. College students get the opportunity to learn teaching, tutoring and mentoring skills in the hand-on setting of Faubion, knowing their contributions make a difference. They in turn help provide services to the diverse young students and make higher education part of the children’s lives from an early age.

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The new school cost more than $48 million to build and features a food club, Kaiser Permanente wellness center and meets LEED Gold standard using solar energy.

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