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Atomic Heritage Foundation
The B Reactor in Hanford, WA (photo credit Atomic Heritage Foundation)

The Atomic Heritage Foundation (AHF) based in Washington DC recently announced a Trust grant for $198,000 for interpreting the history of the Manhattan Project and its legacy.

“As Richard Rhodes, Chairman of AHF’s  Board, commented, “Murdock’s generous grant will help preserve many more stories of Manhattan Project participants, including African Americans, Hispanics, women and others who are underrepresented in official accounts. This project will provide valuable insight into the human dimensions of the Manhattan Project and its continuing legacy.”

Read the full announcement in their newsletter:

The focus of the grant is the world-changing developments in nuclear science and technology in the Pacific Northwest during World War II and the Cold War and their continuing social, economic and environmental legacies. These new resources will enrich the experience of visitors to the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, which has units at Hanford, WA, Los Alamos, NM, and Oak Ridge, TN. They will also be available to students, educators, journalists and other audiences online.

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