M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

“Our future as a culture depends in no small measure upon our capacity to recognize the emerging competence of young adults, to initiate them into big questions and to give them access to worthy dreams.”

Dr. Sharon Daloz Parks

At the Murdock Trust, we remain committed to identifying innovative programs, strategies and projects that help build the capacity of individuals and organizations in order to serve the common good. These solutions often have an exponential impact on our community, such as investing in a new medical facility, which helps increase care, which in turn supports hundreds of community members who are then better suited to flourish, thrive and serve their community. Or investing in new technology for an after-school program, which helps uplift thousands of students over years of implementation, and those students then go on to build careers that reinvest in that same community over time.

No program exemplifies this exponential impact opportunity more than the Murdock Trust Vision and Call Internship Program.

Launched in 2006, the Vision and Call Internship Program is an initiative designed for faith-based organizations across the Pacific Northwest to apply for a grant to establish or revitalize their internship programs with the goal of providing students and young professionals the opportunity to consider their vocational direction while gaining meaningful work experience in a nonprofit setting.

The internship model is the definition of a win-win program as nonprofit organizations gain valuable, hand’s-on support from qualified young leaders, while students gain valuable, hand’s-on experience in a professional setting. Networks are built, new programs and projects are executed, communities are strengthened.

We are excited to share that the Murdock Trust has officially placed its 1,000th intern with a participating organization! To date, the program has granted more than $9 million to 54 organizations

to hire summer, part-time or full-time interns working on college campuses, in social services, media, community development and camping, among others. We are grateful for the partnership and enthusiasm we’ve seen from these organizations, as well as their continued investment in our local community. Visit the Vision and Call page on our website to learn more.

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