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Launching young adults into their vocation through faith-based internships

Vision + Call

Established in 2006, Vision and Call is built on the belief that life’s longer lessons, the ideas that shape commitment and souls, are often best learned through an apprenticeship experience and worked out through a community of mentors and peers. The vision is to assist college-aged students and recent graduates to consider their vocation direction while gaining meaningful ministry or work experience. The program typically targets young adults, ages 20-25.

At its core, Vision and Call holds a three-fold purpose: (1) to provide a transforming experience for young adults; (2) to increase the pool of talented emerging leaders entering the workforce; and (3) to educate and empower a commitment to the development of young leaders on the part of Christian organizations. The program is designed to benefit young adults while also adding short- and long-term value to participating organizations.

Once a Vision & Call internship program is approved, the Murdock Trust shares costs with each organization, which may participate for up to six years. (Programs are expected to continue beyond our initial support.)

The Murdock Trust funds summer, part-time and full-time internships, and each internship program is expected to implement the six essentials.

Six Essentials

  1. A careful intern selection process
  2. The involvement of experienced leaders in mentoring
  3. An “apprenticeship” model of learning
  4. Intentional conversations concerning “vocation and calling” and giftedness
  5. A significant ministry experience in the organization
  6. Opportunities to integrate with a larger movement of emerging leaders

Learn more about the six essentials and watch the series of training videos we produced that go into each of the six program essentials we have identified as being critical components of an exemplary internship program.

The Vision and Call Internship Program grant is offered every two years. Contact John Franklin for information.

Vision & Call Resources

Recent Events

  • On May 20, we hosted this very helpful and practical webinar with Arthur Brooks, Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School, on Managing Anger in Our Relationships and Society. This one-hour conversation focused on well-researched strategies and recommendations to deepen and improve your most important relationships. Watch the recorded conversation here.
  • On April 23, we hosted a Candid Conversation for recent Vision and Call participants with Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott on Anxiety, Stress and Relationships in a Pandemic. Find more information on the Parrott’s here.


  • Coronavirus & Quarantine: Lament, Hope, and Creativity Edition – In this Virtual Veritas Forum panelists Lecrae, Alissa Wilkinson, and Mako Fujimura discuss the impact of the novel coronavirus in the context of creativity. Together they explore how unexpected events have reshaped humanity’s creative spirit throughout history and how this moment is doing the same.
  • Pray: “Hope Over Fear Devotional” – World Vision partnered with Danielle Strickland to lead a prayer journey on topics of surrender, generosity, and mission through prayer, journaling, and reading scripture. Vision and Call interns at World Vision helped create the devotional to help people put their faith in action.

Murdock Trust – On Leadership

  • Over the Shoulder and Through the Heart – Steve Garber of the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture talks about the importance of mentors letting young leaders observe the mentor in action, try their hand at he work, and then make it their own.
  • Sherpa Style Mentoring – Sarah Baldwin, Vice President of Student Development at Asbury University, uses the metaphor of a Sherpa to describe how mentors come alongside interns to help them along the way.
  • Ride Along – Steve Moore, Executive Director of the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, describes his experience—as a student—of accompanying a mentor throughout his day, the gift of being able to learn from the mentor, and the impact it had on their relationship.
  • Investing in Others – Terry McGonigal of Whitworth University demonstrates the mentoring model of Jesus among his disciples. The impact of faithful mentoring has lasted throughout the life of the church and into today’s Christian organizations.
  • To Listen is to Learn – Celeste Cranston of Seattle Pacific University discusses the importance of leaders being willing to learn. Being open to a diverse range of voices and narratives helps leaders grow.

Vision and Call 2020 Retreat

With great enthusiasm and expectation we look forward to our annual Vision and Call Intern Retreat. The retreat will take place on October 1-2, 2020 in a virtual format. All current advisors and interns, including interns from summer 2020, are required to attend.

At this annual gathering interns will meet likeminded peers, engage in small group sharing and Bible study, and hear relevant messages pertaining to Christian vocation and calling. The 2020 keynote speaker is Jon Hart, leader of Praxis Academy, Emerging Founders, and College Partnerships, at Praxis International, where he equips the next generation to pursue redemptive entrepreneurship.

Previously, Jon spent seven years at a Fortune 100 Company, where he helped launch a new venture and revive another as part of a turnaround strategy. Jon was also an Executive Producer of a successful independent film. In addition to his work at Praxis, Jon is a founding board member of 100cameras, a nonprofit that empowers youth to create change in their communities through photography. He serves as an advisor and mentor for the Quarter Zero and Catapult Incubators, and has taught entrepreneurship as an adjunct at The King’s College NYC. He holds a BA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

This will be an enriching and fruitful time for all, and we look forward to hosting our excellent 2020 Vision and Call cohort.

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