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Vision & Call: Six Essentials

The DNA of the Program

Six Essentials

1. A Careful Selection Process

  • The program is not designed for every young adult; care should be given to finding the appropriate candidates. In general, Interns should possess a desire to play a part in God’s mission to the world. Specifically, Interns are recruited based on their sense of calling and an interest in the methodology and work of a specific organization.

2. The Involvement of Experienced Leadership in Mentoring

  • It is expected that Interns will be under the supervision and care of experienced leadership. While not assumed, it is expected that those in senior leadership positions will participate at some level within the program.

3. An “Apprenticeship” Model of Learning

  • The program’s pedagogy is based on the “Come and See” theme in the Gospel of John. The essence of the program is that young adults would have the opportunity to “look over the shoulder and through the heart” of a community of people who will serve as mentors and peers during the Internship experience.

4. Intentional Conversations Concerning “Vocation and Calling” and Giftedness

  • Within the context of the program, opportunities for conversations regarding a participant’s calling and career path are expected to be an intentional part of the experience. It is expected that some type of “exit interview” be offered to assist an Intern with their discernment process.

5. A Significant Ministry Experience/Work in the Organization

  • While it is understood that each organization will design appropriate Intern positions, it is important that the positions “matter.” It is expected that Interns learn basic ministry principles and gain valuable skills during their experience.

6. Opportunities to Integrate With a Larger Movement of Emerging Leaders

  • Part of the programs vision is creating synergy and momentum. The hope is that Interns will sense that they are part of something much bigger than themselves and the organization in which they are working.
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