M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Cities and communities thrive when the human ecosystem that binds us is nurtured. There is no element more important to that human ecosystem than the bonds produced through loving relationships within a family.

The bonds of family can help heal pain, provide nurturing and empowerment, motivate and inspire. Throughout our region, countless nonprofits work to provide family members with the tools, resources and knowledge to nurture their own familial bonds and work through potential challenges that can test the strength of those connections. When families remain connected and when injured families are able to heal, we see stronger communities and healthier, more confident individuals.

This video captures a small sample of stories of how nonprofit organizations have helped families around the Pacific Northwest navigate crisis, overcome challenges and grow together more strongly with awe-inspiring impact. We are incredibly proud of the work of our grantees to support and serve families of all backgrounds across the Pacific Northwest, and we are grateful to those who shared their stories to help reinforce the need for community support and involvement in the nonprofit sector.

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The Trust guides nonprofit organizations through every level of their development through grants and other resources.

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